dream life

pt. 57

i’m teaching in virginia this week for the summer residency of randolph college’s mfa program. i truly can’t think of a better place or group of people to re-enter the world with after so much time of isolation and healing and introspection. because i’m here and i didn’t bring my materials for making i have something a little different this week: an exquisite corpse written with some of the brilliant writers who will be graduating at the end of this residency:

The storm came through the trees
It took me by surprise
An open door
and beyond: the wide field, the believable
specters lilies open to become, haunts the wide mind
The grass blades bend in the breeze, like thoughts or paths.
Paths as long as the stairway to heaven
We reached above us like a welcome to the sky
And knelt beneath its heavy blue
canopy of sorrow and yesterday-thoughts
under which I sit and ask myself questions
and I wait.

Many thanks to Felipe, Dakota, Ben, Phillip, Rebecca, Jeremiah, William, Evan, Jan, Ambrose, and Maura <3