dream life

pt. 3

Eloisa Amezcua

thank you for being here!

while the dream life series is an exercise in expanding my (& perhaps your) imagination into what a poem can be & do, it is not an exercise in escapism.

i bring you these dreams a day late because i was out protesting in a suburb of columbus, oh. there was a moment when we rounded a corner & came upon a golf course. the golfers, all of them white, didn’t so much as look in our direction. i felt like i was dreaming. they teed up, swung their clubs to the rhythm of us, a thousand, maybe more, chanting about silence & freedom & equality.

anyways, it wasn’t a dream. that/this is the reality we live in…you can find resources on critical resistance here. you can find a list of bail funds to donate to here. you can donate to the Black trans solidarity fund here.